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About me


About me

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My design approach is whole-heartedly human-centered and I enjoy testing out my ideas early in the process through probes and quick prototypes. I am comfortable with contributing to all stages of the design process. I am particularly interested in human-centered research methods, concept generation, graphical user interface (GUI), tangible user interface (TUI) design, and creating compelling narratives with video to achieve proof of concept and communicate value. Lately I’ve become ambitious with electronics and I love bringing physical & digital worlds together with my ideas!

What do I want to achieve?

I think of myself as a hybrid designer with a variety of skills and I’m fascinated by the continuous learning process the interaction design field is offering to me. I am good at adapting to different design contexts, while having the willingness to explore diverse content areas and learn from them. I want to apply both my design thinking and making skills in shaping the products/services of the future wherever it touches people’s lives.

my point of view on design

I think today design has gone beyond the act of problem solving, it has become a way of envisioning and prototyping scenarios. We need to be aware of what value our design act brings to the world. I embrace the complexity of design and I believe it has the power to enhance an environment, business, community or simply an individual’s life.


Since 2010, I live, study and work all around the world.

I love designing meaningful interactions based on human-stories.


Since 2010, I live, study and work all around the world.

I love designing meaningful interactions based on human-stories.

interaction DESIGNER
FROG - Design Consultancy, MUNICH / GERMANY

03/2016 - 08/2016

  • Research, strategy and concept design for a visitor experience project. Creating an overarching vision for the digital touchpoints. Executing interface and visual design for these touchpoints
  • Planning and facilitating a co-creation workshop with 25 stakeholders and recommending strategic pharmacy-patient experiences

interaction DESIGNER
local projects - experience design studio, NYC / USA

08/2015 - 01/2016

  • Experience design for museums and public spaces


01/2013 - 08/2014

  • Ideation on creating new potential projects for the trending “Connected Car” theme
  • Concept and roadmap creation for app design projects specific to car companies
  • Wireframing, low-fi and hi-fi prototyping, writing specifications for developers
  • High quality of visual design for very demanding car design industry (phone apps and in-car interfaces)

efabrika - Digital design agency, istanbul / turkey

10/2012 - 01/2013

  • Working as a “UX Team of One“, practiced and managed mobile app and website design projects
  • Creating a UX design culture within the organization and working directly with clients
  • ndroid app design for the Turkish telecommunication lead, Turkcell Superonline, within a tight deadline

interaction design intern
designit - strategic design consultancy, copenhagen / denmark

03/2012 - 09/2012

  • Contributed to client work as a core and support team member
  • Projects included the future of: Interface and experience design for next generation ultrasound device, car parking ticket payment, managing personal accounts for electric car owners
  • Conduct user research and user testing sessions with design researchers
  • ctive member of the brainstorming sessions and creating sensitizing material for client workshops

designer | product innovation
wilddesign - DESIGN CONSULTANCY, shanghai / china

08/2011 - 01/2012

  • Involved in projects related to product design and intercultural branding
  • Localizing global brands for the Chinese market and also giving strategic direction to the local brands
  • Conducting trend studies for consultation and design detailing of a medical product