Design @ Google

Making work more efficient


At Google in Munich, I took part in Core UX team, working on delivering internal products to make life at Google even more efficient, fun and informative. My projects there ranged from designing conversational UI's to developing new information sharing tools inside Google. I took the role of design lead and worked with my team of engineers and a dedicated product manager.

Through my key activities, I have:

  • Led the design work on parallel feature development work streams involving complete redesigns as well as incremental improvements.

  • Conducted on-site/remote research and user testing sessions to better understand the usability of our product. Distilled findings into recommendations for product changes.

  • Created concepts and ideas that are set to appear in enterprise products years in the future

  • Defined the overall UX and conversation guidelines.

  • Fostered a team culture of user-centricity through involving software engineers in user tests and workshops.

  • Collaborated with and influenced key UX stakeholders in partner teams.


Alex Gessler

Senior Software Engineer at Google

Martin Tritschler

Product Manager at Google

"I couldn't have been happier with the results and I would attribute a large fraction of the eventual success of the product to the user-centric approach and the creative problem solving that Ezgi brought into the project. Conversational UI is hard and posed an unique challenge which Ezgi navigated very well while multi-tasking between different work streams and sub-projects. Ezgi's work ethic on the project was commendable and we all enjoyed working with her."

"Ezgi was responsible for the UX of a product from the area of conversational assistive technology. She is a strong advocate for the user and is knowledgeable in a broad number of areas related to UX. She always developed excellent ideas and gave valuable inspirations. Ezgi was very good at planning and conducting user research as well as developing actionable recommendations to improve the user experience. She always delivered her work to the highest quality. I am thankful for her great contributions and recommend her without any reservation."