automotive interfaces | icon incar, munich | 2013 - 2014

* Due to confidentiality agreement, I am unable to show my work done here. 

- Ideation on creating new potential projects for the trending “Connected Car” theme
- Concept and roadmap creation for app design projects specific to car companies
- Wireframing, low-fi and hi-fi prototyping, writing specifications for developers
- High quality of visual design for very demanding car design industry (phone apps and in-car interfaces)

Easypark phone app | designit, copenhagen | 2012

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* Winner of the Golden Mobile 2013 in the category best Utility service. Winner of Best Mobile Service 2012 in the category Utility & productivity service.

Easypark is the leading car parking fee payment company based in Sweden and operating in many European countries. With the new app, users can pay via their phones instead of getting tickets. You can find the zone where you park your car, set the parking time and extend/stop the time whenever you want. 

This way, you can pay the actual parking time - not more or less, avoiding extra fees. Private and work related uses are saved in their own category for keeping digital receipts tidy. Finding back your car is also made possible by using the GPS on your phone - showing you and your car's position on the map.

website platform for parents | efabrika, istanbul | 2012

Joker is a leading baby products brand in Turkey and wanted to have a stronger bond with their customers in online world besides it's own website. With this purpose, we have designed a website for current and expecting parents to get information on parenting.

Parenting websites are very content-heavy. 
They offer many articles giving information on everything baby related and calculators for various purposes. It is easy to get lost and this is also what happens even in the best case websites of today. I reviewed all major parenting websites, and graded them against design and usability criteria including: information architecture, interaction design and visual design. The results were highest on and even there it was difficult for users to digest all the information displayed on the website.

People who visits parenting websites aren't the same. 
Some are expecting a baby with a due date, some have an already 1 year old baby and some are just taking a peek, exploring if being a parent is their cup of tea. Our solution was to create categories specialized for each audiences. This helped users get content specialized just for them and enjoy articles that interest them. Assigning each article a unique link allowed users to share particular articles and continue reading other articles without leaving the screen.

color & trend analysis | wilddesign, shanghai | 2011

Geberit, a world leader in sanitary technology, launched their new WC system, The Monolith. This exposed cistern and matching ceramic appliance is specially developed for the Chinese market. Geberit was looking for a trend analysis to extend their product portfolio with additional colors to complement the existing black and white, while creating graphic patterns attractive to the Chinese consumer, since The Monolith’s front glass panel offers unlimited possibilities.

Our color trend analysis started with brand and market research, competitor mapping and target consumer definition. We used the market research to understand Chinese history, culture, and interior decoration, all the way to fashion design. Several bathroom trend themes were identified and defined, representing specific colors, materials and finishing examples. A graphic design process was then performed for the patterns and finishes, defining the final direction for uniquely designed patterns.

We created an extensive trend report, including the design brief for four new color tones for The Monolith, along with four new graphic design applications created especially for Geberit. The final colors and pattern selection were based not only on trends, but also on feasibility in manufacturing, and the need to easily implement these new colors within existing and upcoming product lines in the Geberit family. Our new colors and graphic design applications were released to the market in early 2013.