Sing me a little song

  How might we create an inspirational and captivating musical experience 

for the visitors of Guitars Museum?


Designing an interactive installation for Guitars the Museum which has the largest guitar collection in the world and opened its doors in 2014.

The aim was to create a room for music experience for the museum visitors.


10 days. Individual project.

"Sing me a little song" is an interactive installation concept that encourages the visitors to create music by amplifying their own voice. It offers a personal space inside the museum which exhibits hundreds of significant guitars from music history. 

The installation doesn't demand any music knowledge from the visitors but their own voice. People that visit the museum mostly don't have specific interest or knowledge on the legendary guitars. However, they like looking at these fascinating instruments and with my installation, I wanted them to be fully immersed in music by actually participating in the creation of it. 

The installation surprises the visitors by turning their own sound into guitar tones. It captures the random voices or songs of a person, transforms them into guitar tunes and lets the people extend the music themselves. The invitation for this experience starts by offering a note and as soon as the person starts talking or singing, the installation records his speech. The lights inside the installation is reactive to sound and they blink while the person sings. The recorded song is transformed into guitar tones and  the person can recognize their song from the melody they hear. 

The aim was to show that everyone can feel included in music making and not feel intimidated by the complexity of music.

Not everyone has a good music knowledge,

but everyone has a favorite song to sing with. "

At the end of the project, final video was created to communicate the experience. 

Installation was built with Arduino Mega and included Neopixels. I controlled the behavior with the Wizard of Oz method through keypresses from distance. Each piece was made from PVC sheets and laser cutted MDF sheets.

Creating the concept with doodles, video sketching, testing on users and getting their feedback.




In the brief, the concept we come up with had to be based on an unique music experience. We started by interviewing each other in the class in order to find out unique music memories. Furthermore, we created individual posters and took photographs to match the mood of the experience. Above are three of my photographs with the keywords ambitious, focused and unaware